Monthly Archives: May 2016

It’s one way to deal with excess pounds: a 2012 Gallup poll found an increasing number of Americans revising their ideal weight upward in virtual lockstep with their real weight. Men reported weighing an average of 196 pounds (which is 11 pounds over their self-stated ideal of 185). That represents an increase of 14 pounds […]

Looking for a way to get in shape and improve your health? Yoga may be the answer. The potential benefits of yoga are numerous. They range from help with weight loss, stress reduction and increased flexibility to management of health conditions such as pain, depression and insomnia. Limiting the amount of time you spend practicing yoga […]

In honor of Mental Health Month, we’re zeroing in on one pesky culprit behind many mental health ailments – stress. Nearly everybody undergoes stress at one time or another; it’s simply a fact of life. But what happens when stress crosses over into anxiety? Anxiety turns challenge into catastrophe (and everyday occurrences into potential catastrophes) […]

Conventional wisdom says that childhood habits carry over to adulthood, so now’s the time to get kids thinking about health. (Relying solely on hiding pureed veggies in their food won’t cut it anymore.) Strategies abound, however, for educating kids about health, nutrition and fitness. We’ve turned to specific sources that are doubly-qualified and who can provide […]