Monthly Archives: March 2016

“Art is a wound turned into light,” wrote painter Georges Braque, expressing the potential of art to transform pain. Even people who are not artists can benefit from its healing qualities by creatively expressing feelings under the guidance of an art therapist or even meditative coloring. In an art therapy session, the client makes the […]

A determined and spirited competitor who stood 6-foot-7 and spoke with a booming voice, Gerald Kessler was a man who invited superlatives. He lived without compromise, commanded respect and left a deep impression on anyone he met. With his passing in March 2015, Mr. Kessler has also left a deep void both at Natural Organics, […]

Is your New Year’s resolution to stay fit and exercise more? If so, you’re among thousands of Americans who start the New Year off by making this promise to themselves. It can be, however, a tough promise to keep in practice between long work hours and busy schedules. All too often, exercise becomes difficult to […]

What can a parent do when one child craves sweets and the other aspires to be the next healthy-cooking “Food Network” star? Such was the situation at the Holzemer household. Six-year-old Hunter loved candy, which made it nearly impossible for his mom to get him to eat vegetables or make healthy nutritional choices. “The problem […]

These days, kids are just as busy as their parents – spending full days in school followed by activities ranging from soccer practice to saxophone lessons and then hitting their homework before pouring themselves into bed. Breakfasts are often rushed, as everyone grabs a bite before heading to the school bus or carpool, and school […]

As any fan of boxing can tell you, the sport requires a set of highly refined skills, including the ability to throw punches in combination –such as a left jab followed by a right uppercut. Similarly, your immune system fends off infections with a combination of cells and chemicals designed to put harmful microbes on the ropes. […]

When it comes to deciphering nutritional advice, there are contradictions at every turn. The advice given on one day will tell you that eating carbs will make you fat; on the next day, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Similarly, no sooner is “drug X” the magic wonder that will reduce your cholesterol count, […]