Nitro Peak Protein Chocolate Shake

Available Sizes:
Product No. IA25523- 4 lbs. (55 Servings)

Each serving of Nitro Peak™ is formulated with the lean and fit muscular athlete in mind, to support their athletic and physique goals. Nitro Peak™ is loaded with the fastest absorbing form of whey protein, hydrolysate. Hydrolysates are digestible peptides that get broken down and absorbed by the muscles quickly, increasing amino levels in the muscles and promoting the muscle building processes.

Nitro Peak™ is formulated with fast-absorbing bioactive whey proteins, isolate, hydrolysates and BCAAs that help increase amino acid levels, turn on and help sustain the muscle building processes quickly. Nitro Peak's™ specific enzyme blend ensures all the protein you take in is digested, absorbed and quickly delivered to the blood stream!

*Product descriptions are subject to change. Please view product at your local retailer for current ingredient details.