Animal Parade® Fruit & Veggies 5 Children's Nutritional Shake

Available Sizes:
Product No. 29957 - 0.57 lbs. / 260 g Jar (30 Servings)

Fruits and vegetables deliver the health-enhancing nutrition that all growing children need. Animal Parade® Fruit & Veggies 5 is a breakthrough children's formula that delivers 5 complete USDA servings of fruits and vegetables in each luscious, mixed fruit-flavored glass. Now, with Animal Parade Fruit & Veggies 5, parents can ensure that their kids meet the USDA's 5-a-day fruit and vegetable recommendation with incredible ease and convenience! Animal Parade Fruit & Veggies 5 mixes instantly into an irresistibly delicious drink that kids will look forward to every day, giving parents piece of mind that they're getting enough whole fruits and veggies!

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